3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Wine Festival

A wine festival is more than just a fun way to spend the afternoon. It's a way to get familiar with the various wines in your region which can help when you want to show off your sommelier skills by choosing a fantastic local wine to serve at your next party or event. It can also introduce you to some new tastes and flavors. Take a look at some tips that will help you get the most out of the next wine festival in your area.

Take Notes

There's a lot to learn about the different wines in your region, and you probably won't remember it all without help. It's common for wine festivals to hand out score cards for guests to help them keep track of the wines they tasted, but not all of them do. Bring along a small notebook and a pen, just to be safe.

Don't just jot down the names of the wines you tasted – make a note of what you liked about each wine. That way, you'll have an idea of how well the flavors will blend with other tastes, and you'll know which one to pick the next time you're looking for wine. If the booths aren't too busy, you can even ask the winery representatives what sort of foods they recommend pairing their wines with.

Branch Out

Make a point to try some wines that are different from your normal choices. For example, if you usually stick with red wines, make an effort to include some white wines in your tastings.

A wine festival is the perfect chance to try some things you're not sure that you'll like without having to commit to buying a whole bottle. If you don't like it, you can always just move on to the next thing. But you may discover a flavor that you do like that you never would have thought to buy for yourself before.

Don't Forget the Food

There are sure to be food vendors at your wine festival as well, and tasting the food can be just as much fun as tasting the wine. It's important, too – timing your snacks properly and making sure to put something in your stomach periodically can help keep you from getting too tipsy to really enjoy yourself.

It can also help you figure out future wine and food pairings. The food vendors will have lists of the wineries present and the wines available, and they'll be able to recommend what wines will go best with the foods they're serving. Talking to the food vendors can be just as helpful as talking to the winery staff about pairing options.

A wine event is fun and informative for both wine experts and those who are new to wine appreciations. Make the most of your experience and learn something new about the wines in your region.