Tips For Controlling Your New Bar’s Alcoholic Beverage Costs

If you are opening a new bar and concerned about controlling your alcohol beverage costs, then you are right to be thinking about this issue. In order to have a successful and profitable bar, controlling its beverage costs is essential. To this end, here is a list of tips you can use to help control your bar's beverage costs:

Tip: Use Pars and Adjust Them at the End of Each Season

Since you are new to owning a bar, you may not have heard the term "par" before. Par is an industry-specific term that refers to the minimum amount of each beverage you keep in stock at all times. For example, to avoid running out of Beer A over the course of a week, your par would be two times the amount of Beer A your customers typically purchase. Each time you order from your beverage distributor, you will automatically order enough to reach your predetermined pars. Additionally, since your customer's tastes and buying habits will change from season to season, you should review your pars each season and adjust them as necessary.

Tip: Correctly Price Your Drinks from the First Day Your Bar is Open

Whether your bar will be well received by customers or not depends largely on their first visiting experience. If new customers walk into your bar and find out your drinks are priced significantly higher than other bars in your local area, then they will likely never return. Even if you drop your prices later, you have already lost many potentially loyal customers that you will never see again. For this reason, it is vital that you correctly price your alcoholic beverages from the first day your doors open.

Tip: Require Your Bartenders Use Jigglers to Avoid Overpouring

One of the most common ways that bars lose money is their bartenders overpour the alcohol into drinks. This leads to drinks that are not consistent for your customers, and it leads to a waste of expensive ingredients. You can stop overpouring and better regulate the alcoholic beverages used to mix drinks by requiring your bartenders to use jigglers. 

Tip: Shop Various Beverage Distributors for the Best Price

Finally, it is vital to the success of your new bar that you get the best prices from your alcoholic beverage distributor. Since most areas of the country have a variety of different distributors, you can get the best price by getting quotes from each distributor and then using them to negotiate the lowest price from the one you select.

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