Preparing For A Tour Of Wine Country? 4 Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Wine-Tasting Experience

If you've decided that your trip to California should include a tour of the famous wine country, make sure you're adequately prepared for the adventure. California enjoys some of the most prolific, and desirable wineries in the country – and the world. If this will be your first time touring a winery, there are some things you should know before you begin your adventure. The four tips provided below will help you make the most of your wine-tasting experience.

Eat a Full Meal

If you're going to be tasting the wines that each winery has to offer, you'll want to avoid becoming tipsy over the experience. One way to do that is to eat a full meal before you arrive. This is particularly true if you don't plan on taking advantage of the dump buckets, which is quite normal for first-time visitors. Eating a full meal before you arrive will help absorb some of the alcoholic content of the wines you'll be tasting, which will help you keep a level-head. It will also help prevent accidents, and DUIs, if you're going to be driving yourself back to the hotel after your wine-tasting.

Bring a Small Journal

You're going to be tasting several different, and distinct, wines throughout the day. After a while, it will be difficult for you to remember which ones stood out to you, and why. To help you keep track of the wines you taste, and jot down questions you might have, be sure to bring a small journal with you – and a pen. This will allow you to take notes of your experience.

Use the Buddy System

Depending on the wineries you tour, you'll be given a specific number of wines to taste. To increase the number of tastings you experience, use the buddy system. When it comes time to choose the wines you'll be tasting, ensure that you and your partner make different selections. This will allow you both to sample your choices, as well as the selections the other one has chosen.

Be Prepared to Protect Your Wine Purchases

When you visit California wineries, you'll want to bring a few bottles home with you. Unfortunately, the California heat can ruin your wine during the drive back to your hotel, or home. Don't let your wine spoil. Be prepared for the trip by bringing a portable cooler along for the ride. Your wines will stay cool and protected throughout the trip.

Contact a winery, like HWC, for more help.