Tips For Using Your Sauterne Wine For Cooking Purposes

Many people use cooking wines to add some unique flavors to their meat dishes and many cooking experts agree that you should not use a wine to cook with that you would not drink. For this reason, individuals often reach for rich and sweet wines like sauterne wine to cook with. If you want to start cooking with sweet wines, then keep reading to learn about a few tips.

Decide On Your Cooking Method

While many people will simply add a splash of wine to a soup or a chicken dish as it cooks, you should know that there are several different ways that wines can be used when creating a meal. The wine can be added as a splash to create complex flavorings. In this way, the wine is used an additive when cooking a refined dish. It refines the flavor instead of overwhelming it. This is a good option if your stew or meat dish tastes a bit flat and needs more complexity.

Wine can also be used as a cooking liquid. Cooking liquids provide meat with moisture as they cool in the oven, on the stove, or in your crockpot. If wine is used as a cooking liquid, it will be the main fluid ingredient and spices can then be added to the meat or the dish. 

The final way that wine can be used to cook with is when the alcoholic beverage is used as a marinade. Marinades are used to cook meats to both soften and flavor them. You can expect a great deal of the wine to absorb into the meat when you use wine as a marinade. 

Do Not Be Hesitant

Some people are hesitant when they cook with wine and this often has to do with the way that traditional cooking wines are made. Cooking wines are filled with additives and preservatives that allow the wine to sit on your supermarket shelf for months or years. Salt is one of the main ingredients in cooking wine. If you add too much of it, then you will create a salty dish that may be completely unappetizing. 

When you use a drinking wine, then you do not need to worry about over powering your meal with unnatural flavors. In fact, since sauterne is a light wine, you may only experience some faint floral notes if you use the wine to cook with. Your meal also may not be sweet enough, so go ahead an pour a cup or two of the wine into your dish. Of course, if you are adding the wine for complexity, then start with about one-eighth cup of the wine and continue adding it until you get the right taste. 

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