What To Grab When Making Candy Drinks

Candy drinks are all the rage on social media. Candy alcoholic drinks are made with your regular spirits, along with fruit juice and candy on the inside. These drinks are enjoyable because of their fruity nature and because they look visually appetizing. You can make them in small wineglasses, or you can use a large fish bowl. If you want to try your hand at making a sweet drink featuring candy, here are some items to grab from the liquor store.

Go with a sweet rum.

Rum is a good choice if you are interested in making sweet drinks. There are brands of rum that are sweet but will not take away from the alcohol content of the drinks. Although rum does not freeze, it can be added inside of the blender along with the rest of the drink mix and will mix well. Rums work well as a mixture with sweet drinks because the aftertaste is not too alcoholic. This is the perfect mixture for someone who can't take too much alcohol. 

Find a dessert wine.

If you want a low alcohol mixture, wine is a good choice. Most often, the wine has a lower alcoholic content than liquor and other spirits. If you can, purchase a pink wine and mix it with a red or pink frozen fruit juice. Inside of the cup, add your favorite sweet candies, such as pink gummy worms and pink bubble gum. This makes a great girls'-night-out drink that will be impressive at a book club or a girls-only dinner. 

Bring all-natural fruit juice.

When you are making alcoholic drinks at home, you will want to have the best ingredients possible. To make your fruity alcohol mixture, you should invest in 100% fruit juice. All-fruit juice makes sure that you do not have any issues when freezing your juice. The juice will also go best with alcohol, as there are no additives that will agitate the taste of the alcohol. If you cannot find all-natural fruit juice, purchase frozen fruit and throw it into the blender along with the alcohol in order to create your candy drink mix. This will ensure that your candy fruit drink has the perfect ingredients and that everyone knows exactly what is inside of the drink. Grab some 100% natural candy to attract the natural- and organic-loving crowd as well.

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